Restoring the Glory Conference

“Those who look to Him are radiant: their faces are never covered with shame.” Ps. 34:5

Restoring the Glory is a conference produced, promoted and sponsored by Desert Hope Ministries. The purpose of the conference is to provide a dynamic message of God’s truth surrounding our inherent glory as image bearers, real relationships, authentic sexuality, and meaningful intimacy. Janelle is the Coordinating Director and main speaker for this event.

Restoring the Glory Christian Conference with Janelle Hallman and Desert Hope Ministries StaffRestoring the Glory is a dynamic and unique conference exploring God’s design for real relationships, meaningful intimacy, and authentic sexuality. Its overarching message is hopeful and life giving, offering genuine support for people at any stage in their journey towards intimacy with God or others. Special testimonies from men and women who have experienced the wonder of God’s grace and love are often highlights of this event as well as heart-felt worship, healing prayer, drama, film, art, and music.

Founder and Director of Desert Hope Ministries, Janelle Hallman, is the main speaker at the conference. In the past, Janelle has worked with a team of other professionals and ministers to supplement her speaking. Typically, local ministries and Christian specialists are relied upon to provide educational and healing workshops on the final day of the conference.

All conference speakers are prepared to discuss topics related to sexuality, gender, intimacy and associated struggles from an extremely frank and direct perspective, yet with a spirit of openness and compassion. Conference speakers strive to be genuine as they share their own personal struggles and speak from their hearts.

Who Should Attend and Why?

The conference is designed to appeal to a variety of populations, including married, single, male and female, lay people, mentors, professional counselors, parachurch ministers, and clergy. The age of conference attendees typically ranges from 16 (with adult) to 80 years old.

What Will Happen?

Besides experiencing potential major paradigm shifts in terms of one’s image of God, image of self, and image of others, most folks who attend these conferences benefit in the following ways:

Learning – About the mystery and inherent glory of human love, intimacy, and sexual wholeness

Confessing – Individual and cultural idolatry and false ways of living and relating

Healing – Taking steps towards recovering their true identity and original glory as male or female

Celebrating – Gaining strength for their ongoing journey towards wholeness and meaningful intimacy.

Conference Schedule

Thursday Evening

Opening: Longing for Authentic Connection

Testimony: Special Guest

Closing: Finding our Deepest Desires

Friday Morning

Experiencing Real Relationships

The Faces of True Love

Friday Afternoon

In His Image: Declaring His Glory

His Image and Glory Under Attack

Friday Evening

Male and Female: What’s it all About?

Testimony: Special Guest

Saturday Morning

Restoring the Glory: Finding Our Missing Pieces


Saturday Afternoon


Testimony: Special Guest

Dare to Desire and Live with Longings

Closing: An Ancient Journey

Conference History

The majority of the material presented at this conference was developed by Janelle as a result of counseling, educating, and ministering in the area of sexual and relational brokenness for the past twenty years. As a popular national and international speaker, her passion is to share God’s word in a way that speaks to the deepest needs of the human heart. For more information on Janelle. Janelle and her team have produced over five city-wide conferences over the past seven years:

Lookout Mountain Community Church 2002

Good Shepherd Church 2004

Lookout Mountain Community Church 2004

First Presbyterian Church of Boulder 2005

Church in the City 2006

Exodus Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference (portions of conference) 2007

Pastor’s Forum in Maputo, Mozambique, 2007

Materials for Hosting

1. Conference Manual For Churches

2. Conference Proposal And Budget

If you need more detail conferencing hosting a conference please contact us.

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