About Desert Hope

Restoring the Soul  ●  Renewing the Mind  ●  Healing the Heart

….calling men and women to live out of their truest identities as the Beloved

Desert Hope and Janelle Hallman MinistriesDesert Hope Ministries was initially formed in 2000 to provide a support base and covering for Janelle Hallman’s conferences, speaking engagements, resource development and missions outreaches. The name “Desert Hope” reflects the paradox of the human experience. We live in a fallen world of imperfection and suffering (the desert), yet serve an awesome God who loves and blesses us, giving us a life of hope.

“He will make the valley of trouble a door of hope.” Hosea 2:15

Desert Hope Ministries:

PURPOSE…..to extend God’s love, truth and healing to men and women struggling with relational, sexual, and identity issues. We also equip pastors, counselors, and lay people to effectively come alongside individuals and families lost in the shame and confusion of personal brokenness.
GOAL…..to bring a fresh and relevant message of hope and renewal to the evangelical church on God’s design for relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and gender.
VISION…..to see men and women restored to their truest identities in Christ in order to fulfill their original design and call for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Since its inception in 2000 as a non-profit 501(c) corporation, Desert Hope has successfully raised the funds and recruited hundreds of volunteers and support staff to launch numerous projects and accomplishments.

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