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Janelle Hallman Speaker, Lesbianism, Christianity

Janelle Hallman, Key Note Speaker in Los Angeles

Janelle is a teacher at heart and has a passion for sharing life-giving messages. She is a gifted, energetic and multifaceted speaker who is comfortable in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Inspirational and Ministerial Venues – Chapel, Pulpit, Retreats, Non-Profit Conferences and Workshops
  • Christian Education
  • Recovery Programs – Support Groups, Twelve Step Groups, Conferences and Workshops on Healing and Wholeness
  • Professional Training and Continuing Education for Counselors and Clergy
  • Academic – University and College Classrooms and Special Events
  • Media – Radio, Video Productions, Television Interviews
  • International Venues Involving Translation

In professional and training settings, she has a unique ability to organize and distill difficult concepts into easy to understand, practical and engaging presentations. In lay and ministerial settings, she has a unique ability to touch deeply into the hearts and experiences of men and women, both young and old. She is refreshing and creative as she brings biblical stories and characters to life. Her lectures are heart felt and extremely impacting to a wide variety of audiences. One hallmark of her speaking style is her personal transparency and honesty. Many have openly expressed their appreciation of her vulnerability and realness. Janelle can address broad issues related to God, life and redemption or specific issues related to homosexuality, gender and sexual wholeness. On the subject of homosexuality, she can comfortably address audiences comprised of men and women with same-sex attractions, parents of gay-identified children, counselors, clergy or graduate and psychology students.

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General Audience Sessions on Sexual Wholeness – with Biblical and spiritual integration:

Facing the Fear and Defying the Shame: Uncovering our False Selves

The Pain of Cultural Confusion and Myth
How are young people affected by the fully found “sexual freedoms” of our postmodern culture? Being silent and sexually repressed was not healthy in past decades, but have we truly found freedom in a society that says “anything goes”?
Understanding the Missing Pieces: A Look at the Building Blocks of Life
Everything that is human is complex, mysterious and an interweave of nature (our biology) and nurture (our experiences and choices). And being human means we have many aspects to our being, including our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, bodies, sexuality, relational patterns and spirits. As Janelle unfolds the common stages of growing and developing as human beings, she will also highlight the many pieces that are sometimes “missing” or lost as we are in process of building a unique human self that may result in a vulnerability to sexual issues.
Experiencing Real Relationships
The Faces of True Love
Male and Female: What’s it All About?
To derive a rich and meaningful understanding of maleness and femaleness, we must being with the basic truth that both are created in the image of God and are therefore equal in dignity and value. But to heal gender identity confusion or self-hatred, we must also explore the unique and special differences and nuances of a feminine versus a masculine soul. Janelle weaves Biblical story with psychological truths in a heart-felt manner as she discusses this extremely important topic.
Glory and Goodness Defiled
Finding Our Missing Pieces: Being Restored to Your True Self
Do you know who you are? Are you able to face your self? To look into the mirror can be a terrifying experience – especially if we can only see the false selves and masks that we have hidden under. However, to see the glory, the goodness and the uniqueness that only you can radiate to the world can sometimes be equally as terrifying. Janelle will address how we can “come home” to our own true self and to the Father who created and loves us.
Dare to Desire and Live with Longings


Women’s Workshop:

Faces of the Lesbian Struggle
While every woman with same-sex attraction is uniquely designed and completely special in God’s eyes, many develop similar strategies for survival that can be described as common profiles. Janelle compassionately explains four profiles based on a woman’s core relational issues and common defenses. Some will see themselves in one profile, others may relate to all four. Avenues for growth and wholeness are also offered.
Finding Your Home Without Enmeshment
Do you know that place in your that feels desperate for connection and attachment? Or have you felt like you have found home in your connection and closeness with another woman? Are you familiar with the panic that arises when the connection or relationship then becomes threatened? This lecture addresses the source of these drives and feelings. It also provides the steps that you can pursue to establish health friendship without dependency or enmeshment.


Parent’s Workshop:

Practical Tips for Parents of Children Struggling with Homosexuality
Because of Janelle’s extensive experience of counseling women with same-sex attraction, she is uniquely positioned to help parents as they attempt to navigate the sometimes difficult task of facing the reality that their child has same-sex attractions while still freely and authentically expressing their love to their child. This workshop will help each parent gain a broader perspective of their child’s life and offer practical communication techniques that can strengthen emotional bonds and stabilize the parent-child relationship, which is, in and of itself healing and reparative for a child’s (whether young or old) ongoing development and growth.


Where Janelle Speaks

Janelle Hallman Teaching in Germany with Translator

Janelle Hallman Teaching in Germany with Translator

Various Church Events and Conferences

American Association of Christian Counselors

Colorado Christian University

Denver Seminary

Latin-American Exodus Conference (Mexicali, Mexico) – keynote speaker on sexual relationship and our journey into wholeness

Eurasia Teen Challenge (Rimini, Italy) – Keynote speaker at the International Conference training leaders in counseling

Restoring the Glory – three day conference developed and produced by Janelle/Desert Hope Ministries on God’s design for human intimacy, real sex and our journey into wholeness

Pastoral Training Conference on Homosexuality (Maputo, Mozambique) – Keynote speaker

Evangelical Theological Seminary (Prague, Czech Republic) – visiting professor, human sexuality

Teen Challenge (Prague, Czech Republic) – Training seminar for Czech Teen Challenge leaders

German Institute for Youth & Society (Reichelsheim, Germany, Kassel, Germany) – Multiple day conferences for Christian psychologists on the lesbian condition

Clinical Education (Zurich, Switzerland) – one-day clinical symposium on the lesbian condition

Clinical Symposium on Homosexuality (Mexico City, Mexico) – three day conference for professionals

Eurasia Teen Challenge National Conference (Rimini, Italy) – Keynote speaker on Biblical spirituality and sexuality

Exodus North America Annual Conference

Evergreen International Annual Conference

Courage Annual Conference

NARTH Annual conference

Focus on the Family Love Won Out Conference

Media Experience

Janelle has appeared on nationally syndicated radio programs (Moody radio Prime Time American and Midday Connection) as well as local radio and television interviews and has been involved in multiple video interviews and productions.