Meet The Team


Janelle Hallman

Although Janelle has become an internationally recognized expert in the area of female same-sex attraction, she works with a variety of men and women seeking greater wholeness in their lives. Janelle provides and facilitates retreats, life coaching, personal growth groups, and experiential workshops. She is also an educator, writer and dynamic speaker on issues related to the human condition, redemption, and healing and wholeness, in general. Her passion is to share realities about God, life and the human experience in a way that speaks to some of the deepest needs of broken and hurting people.



Paige Smith

Paige graduated from Denver Seminary with her masters in Clinical Mental Health. She met Janelle Hallman while at Denver Seminary and quickly realized the divine inspiration behind this relationship. Janelle and Paige both have deep passions for increasing awareness, education, and healing for churches and families impacted by same-sex attraction. Paige has been trained under Janelle Hallman to provide pastoral coaching to parents of children with same-sex attraction/identity. It is her honor and joy to provide space for parents to process their honest feelings while remaining open and hopeful for how God can work within these relationships. Paige also works as a therapist for a local Christian Counseling clinic. On a personal note, Paige has been married for 18 years and has three darling children. She feels most alive when she is hiking or mountain biking on one of Colorado’s many mountain trails.